Alpine Nature Hotel Stoll

A mindful relationship with energy and the enviroment

Responsibility plays an important role in our family business. “Be the change you want to see in the world:” And, in keeping with this philosophy, we always do our utmost to make sustainable decisions. Together, we can make the future more sustainable.



• With the Südtirol Mobil Card, you can travel for free throughout South Tyrol
• Electric charging stations for cars and bicycles
• E-bike rental


From the beginning of construction

• Water-saving techniques and devices were planned from the very beginning
• Use of locally sourced natural building materials whenever possible


Regional dining

• Fresh, regional, and sustainably produced products from local farmers
• Regional sources and suppliers



• Certified natural cosmetics made from 100% organic and certified medicinal herbs, developed and produced in Olang, South Tyrol



• Wood chip system using wood from our own farm or from local farmers
• Solar energy for hot water
• Photovoltaic system on the roof
• Green power from 90% renewable energy sources

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