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Soothing massages, nourishing packs and aromatic hay baths – our beauty area boasts a range of treatments that are both plain to see and wonderful to experience. Our friendly and highly professional team is on hand to take special care of you, body and soul.

Facial treatments for him and her

  • Deluxe facial treatment
    Cleansing, exfoliation, deep cleansing, eyebrow correction, upper lip hair removal, facial massage with mountain crystal, tonifying, intensive treatment (serum), facial massage, face pack and daily skin care.
    Duration of treatment: 80 min., cost: €84.00
  • Standard facial treatment
    Cleansing, exfoliation, deep cleansing, tonifying, intensive treatment (serum), face pack and daily skin care.
    Duration of treatment: 50 min., cost: €62.00

Bright eyes

  • Eyebrow correction 15 min., €15.00
  • Eyebrow correction and tinting 25 min., €22.00
  • Eyelash tinting 20 min., €18.00
  • Eyebrow tinting 20 min., €15.00

Beautiful hands and feet

  • Manicure 30 min., €35.00
  • Pedicure 50 min., €52.00
  • Nail painting 10 min., €12.00
  • Vegan and free from harmful ingredients

Hair removal

  • Whole leg 30 min., €30.00
  • Half leg 25 min., €25.00
  • Armpits 10 min., €10.00
  • Groin 15 min., €15.00
  • Upper lip 10 min., €10.00
  • Stomach 20 min., €20.00

Traditional massages

  • Classic massage
    In reaching a state of deep relaxation, your body is able to naturally regenerate, the blood flow to your organs and muscles improves, your circulation and immune system are boosted and all your cells are filled with a fresh new vitality.
  • Classic full-body massage 50 min., €56.00
  • Classic back massage 25 min., €35.00
  • Classic leg massage 25 min., €35.00
  • Head, neck and face massage 25 min., €35.00
  • Aromatic oil massage
    A massage with high-quality aromatic essences to inspire relaxation, revitalisation and balance for mind, body and soul. Choose your personal favourite from a variety of essences and boost your well-being.
    Full-body massage 50 min., €58.00
  • Stimulating foot massage
    Since time immemorial, the soles of the feet have been a hub for the energy flowing around the human body. Thanks to stimulation of the reflex points during treatment, vital energy that was previously stifled is allowed to flow once more.
    Duration of treatment: 50 min., cost: €56.00
  • Time out – Hotel Stoll massage
    This massage consists of techniques that have been proven through the ages. There is a particular focus on the back and neck, followed by stimulation of the main joints. The treatment concludes with the activation of special relaxation points on the head and in the area of the face. Afterwards, you will find that your entire back is strengthened, your joints are supple and you are more able to fall into a deep and restful sleep. The massage is ideal for stress relief, reactivates vital energy and is particularly beneficial in
    terms of burnout prevention.
    Duration of treatment: 50 min., cost: €58.00
  • Alpine massage with herbal stamps
    This treatment method unites Alpine herbs, warm stamps and a deep manual massage. These aspects combine to help relax muscles and nerves, activate the body’s detox centre and strengthen the immune system. The herbal stamp provides gentle exfoliation for the skin. Our all-round massage treatment.
    Duration of treatment: 50 min., cost: €62.00
  • South Tyrolean relaxation massage with blueberries
    This unique relaxation massage featuring gentle, rhythmic movements from head to toe is a delight for the senses. The synergy of the blueberries and the high-quality natural oils nourishes, nurtures and smooths the skin. The soothing warmth of the Kneipp hot roll is enriched with a herbal decoction, helping loosen and relax the muscles.
    Duration of treatment: 50 min., cost: €62.00
  • Stone pine massage – Art Of Care
    Feel the magic of nature: this massage featuring special stone pine sticks is a truly unique experience. While the massage technique loosens and relaxes your muscles, the power of the conifers strengthens your airways and your immune system. It’s like taking a stroll through the forests of South Tyrol.
    Duration of treatment: 50 min., cost: €58.00
  • Sports massage – Art Of Care
    This massage is ideal for treatment after hiking in the mountains or any sporting activity. The combination of massage, stretching and cupping techniques loosens the muscles and relieves tension. The warming athlete’s balm and Alpine herbal oil ensure optimum conditions for muscle regeneration.
    Duration of treatment: 50 min., cost: €62.00
  • Intensive back massage – Art Of Care
    An intensive treatment for any back that is under a great deal of strain. The hot roll enriched with herbs ensures that the back is ideally prepared for the massage. A combination of ages-old massage techniques and special herbal oil helps the muscles regenerate, relieves tension, relaxes the back and nourishes the discs. The treatment is rounded off with a special back balm.
    Duration of treatment: 50 min., cost: €58.00
  • Honey massage – Art Of Care
    Feel the power of honey as it works wonders on your back, relieving the knotted tissue that is a common cause of back pain. In the course of this special massage technique, the honey is worked deep into the tissue to relax the knots and remove toxins. Experience a particularly soothing and calming full-body massage with honey oil.
    Duration of treatment: 50 min., cost: €62.00
  • Cellulite honey massage – Art Of Care
    This massage infuses your body with the power of honey, preventing the build-up of waste products, delicately smoothing your skin and tonifying your tissue.
    Duration of treatment: 50 min., cost: €62.00
  • Hot stone and mountain crystal massage
    Featuring mountain crystals and volcanic rock, this special ritual restores a sense of balance to mind, body and soul. The application of the volcanic rock instils a deep heat that causes tension to melt away, while the mountain crystal inspires a palpable new vitality.
    Duration of treatment: 80 min., cost: €82.00 | Duration of treatment: 50 min.: €58.00


  • Mountain salt exfoliation
    The mountain salt removes flakes of skin while providing nourishing minerals and trace elements. A highly effective classic.
    Full-body exfoliation 25 min., €32.00
  • Traditional Alpine hay exfoliation
    Ground hay from the mountain meadows enables deep cleaning of pores, relaxes the skin and ensures a glowing, light complexion.
    Full-body exfoliation 25 min., €35.00

Sit back, relax and enjoy a soothing pack

The pleasant warmth provided by the pack opens your pores, ensuring much greater intake of the natural active ingredients. Our expert staff will be happy to help find the pack that is most suitable for you.

Choose from the following packs:

  • Traditional South Tyrolean hay bath
    Thanks to the diverse range of herbs and flowers in the mountain meadows, the highly traditional hay bath significantly boosts your circulation, relieves tissue stress and relaxes your muscles. This helps soothe joint and muscle pain in a natural way.
    Pack with massage 50 min., €64.00
    Pack 25 min., €38.00
  • Athletes and hikers pack
    Consisting of arnica, St John’s wort, larch and spruce, this Alpine pack is ideal for treatment following any kind of sporting activity. It relaxes strained muscles and instils new vim and vigour.
    Pack with massage 50 min., €62.00
    Pack 25 min., €36.00
  • Moisturising pack
    Containing evening primrose oil, black currant seed oil and apple, this nourishing and moisturising pack is ideal for treating dry and chapped skin.
    Pack with massage 50 min., €62.00
    Pack 25 min., €36.00
  • Anti-cellulite pack
    Thanks to the active ingredient complex comprising algae, ivy and Centella asiatica, this pack is excellent at treating cellulite. It activates the metabolism, increases blood flow, removes toxins and tonifies your tissue.
    Pack with massage 50 min., €62.00
    Pack 25 min., €36.00

Massages for children

  • Gentle honey oil massage
    This gentle and tender honey oil massage teaches children how to relax, improves their concentration and ensures that they remain alert for longer periods.
    Duration of treatment: 20 min., cost: €24.00
  • Hot stone massage
    The application of warm volcanic rock turns this massage into a memorable and relaxing experience for children.
    Duration of treatment: 20 min., cost: €24.00

Additional unaccompanied treatments

  • Solarium 1 token: €7.00
  • Solarium 4 tokens: €21.00 (4 for the price of 3)
  • Massages
  • Wide range of beauty treatments
  • Workout room
  • Aqua aerobics
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