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Soothing massages, nourishing packs and aromatic hay baths – our beauty area boasts a range of treatments that are both plain to see and wonderful to experience. Our friendly and highly professional team is on hand to take special care of you, body and soul.

Facial treatments for him and her

    Individually adapted to the skin, for him and her.A holistic treatment with selected herbs in combination with a special crystal massage technique brings the skin into balance and lets it shine.
    Scented compresses, Cleaning, Skin diagnostics, Peeling, Deep cleansing, Regulation of the eyebrows, depilation of the upper lip, Toning and soothing components, Reactivating scraping massage with crystals, Soothing massage with crystals, Manual massage, Serum, Custom mask, Deep relaxation, Individual daily care
    Duration of treatment: 80 min., cost: €92.00
    Individually adapted to the skin, for him and her.The synergy of sustainable skin care and a deeply effective massage reactivates the skin, allowing it to regenerate itself.
    Scented compresses, Cleaning, Skin diagnostics, Peeling, Toning and soothing components, Soothing massage with crystals, Manual massage, Serum, Custom mask, Deep relaxation, Individual daily care
    Duration of treatment: 50 min., cost: €74.00

Bright eyes

  • EYEBROW CORRECTION 15 min., €17.00
  • EYELASH TINTING 20 min., €20.00
  • EYEBROW TINTING 20 min., €17.00

Beautiful hands and feet

  • MANICURE 30 min., €40.00
  • PEDICURE 50 min., €54.00
  • NAIL PAINTING 10 min., €14.00
  • Vegan and free from harmful ingredients

Hair removal

  • WHOLE LEG 30 min., €32.00
  • HALF LEG 25 min., €27.00
  • ARMPITS 10 min., €12.00
  • GROIN 15 min., €17.00
  • UPPER LIP 10 min., €12.00
  • STOMACH 20 min., €22.00

Traditional massages

    In reaching a state of deep relaxation, your body is able to naturally regenerate, the blood flow to your organs and muscles improves, your circulation and immune system are boosted and all your cells are filled with a fresh new vitality.
  • CLASSIC FULL-BODY MASSAGE 50 min., €65.00
  • CLASSIC BACK MASSAGE 25 min., €43.00
  • CLASSIC LEG MASSAGE 25 min., €43.00
  • HEAD, NECK AND FACE MASSAGE 25 min., €43.00
    Since time immemorial, the soles of the feet have been a hub for the energy flowing around the human body. Thanks to stimulation of the reflex points during treatment, vital energy that was previously stifled is allowed to flow once more.
    Duration of treatment: 50 min., cost: €65.00
    This massage consists of techniques that have been proven through the ages. There is a particular focus on the back and neck, followed by stimulation of the main joints. The treatment concludes with the activation of special relaxation points on the head and in the area of the face. Afterwards, you will find that your entire back is strengthened, your joints are supple and you are more able to fall into a deep and restful sleep. The massage is ideal for stress relief, reactivates vital energy and is particularly beneficial in
    terms of burnout prevention.
    Duration of treatment: 50 min., cost: €72.00

Body Rituals

    This exclusive massage relaxes the body from head to toe, taking you into a world of sensorial experience. Special scents of vanilla, palmarosa and ylang-ylang, combined with delicate and rhythmical movements, help the body and the mind relax, while the Derma Relax body lotion protects the skin, leaving it velvety-smooth and soft. The soothing warmth of the hot roll with  flowers of aromatic herbs, once placed on the back, removes any muscle tension and induces deep relaxation.
    Duration of treatment: 50 min., cost: €72.00
    The areas of the body in which cellulite can be found are treated with a special fluorite gua-sha stone massage so as to improve the circulation of blood slowed down by the presence of cellulite. By improving blood circulation one increases the transportation of oxygen to the cells, and toxins are removed more efficiently from the tissues. The active compress containing seaweed, elder, cornflower and achillea stimulates cellular metabolism, favouring the removal of fatty tissue. The subsequent massage with the Silhouette body lotion, made of ivy and bearberry, has an antioxidant action and revitalises the connective tissue.
    Duration of treatment: 50 min., cost: €80.00
    This special ritual with heated volcanic stones and fresh crystals transmits to the body an entirely new vital energy. The delicate contact with the warm stones alternated with the fresh sensation of the crystals deeply relaxes both body and mind.
    Duration of treatment: 50 min., cost: €72.00 | Duration of treatment: 80 min.: €95.00
    The aim of our detox treatment is to use the special honey treatment to remove waste products and toxins from the connective tissue, as they disrupt the supply and manifest themselves in restricted mobility of joints, intervertebral discs, ligaments, tendons and in sagging, brittle skin.  The specific herbal mixture of birch, nettle, yarrow, dandelion etc. stimulates kidney, liver and intestinal activity and thus supports the removal and excretion of waste products. Special salts regulate the acid-base balance in the body so that excess acid is counteracted. In addition, the magnesium massage improves lipometabolism, blood circulation and the oxygen supply to the cells. This stimulates the energy metabolism and leads to increased well-being and vitality. This treatment is carried out from head to toe, because only with different stimulations of the various areas in the body can the organisms be stimulated to an optimal purification and detoxification.
    Duration of treatment: 80 min., cost: €98.00
    For increased vitality and a strong immune system!
    Breathing is inextricably linked with one’s life force; the embryo shows a close relationship between breathing and the digestive system, as the lower respiratory tract develops from parts of the intestine. The special massage with yosp and fennel on the back and chest area opens and relaxes the airways and the massage of the intestines has a positive effect on the lungs. By inhaling cornflower, myrtle, elderberry and lime blossoms, the airways are also cleaned and strengthened so that more oxygen can be absorbed and passed on. 
    Duration of treatment: 50 min., cost: €72.00
    Perceive nature directly on your body! This dynamic massage, performed using special Stone pine sticks and the massage with reactivating herb oil, has a regenerating and re-invigorating effect on the body. The Stone pine aroma in the pillow unclogs and improves your breathing, giving you the feeling of walking through a Stone pine wood in South Tyrol.
    Duration of treatment: 50 min., cost: €72.00
    This massage is ideal before or after practicing a sport. Cupping improves blood circulation, supplying a larger quantity of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. The stimulating massage with Sport Energy oil and special maneuvers relaxes tight muscles.
    To regenerate muscles we use our Sport Herbs Cream with wolf’s bane, thistle and horse chestnut. And you’ll feel in great shape!
    Duration of treatment: 50 min., cost: €72.00
    An intensive treatment for tense back muscles. The hot roll of the Kneipp method, scented with local herbs, warms the muscles and prepares them to receive the massage. Cupping combined with a deep back massage removes blocks and regenerates the back structures. The herb-based ointment containing common houseleek, Saint John’s wort, hop and plantain help the muscles relax with a long-lasting effect.
    Duration of treatment: 50 min., cost: €72.00
    The special combination of leg massage and wrap invigorates and regenerates tired legs. Alpine herbs in synergy with mineral salts stimulate blood circulation and relax your muscles. Plant extracts such as birch, dandelion, nettle and horse chestnut ensure lasting vitality for your legs. For tired and heavy legs!
    Duration of treatment: 50 min., cost: €72.00


    Rock salt nourishes the skin, supplying it with minerals and trace elements that ensure the correct acid-base balance. Thanks to the fine structure of the salt, the skin is freed of dead cells and can absorb the nourishing oil made of hazelnut and grapefruit that revitalises and smooths the connective tissue. A classic and effective peeling.
    Full-body exfoliation 25 min., €42.00
    A delicate peeling based on herbal cream for a consistently well cared for skin. Finely ground pomaces, mallow, calendula, nettle, horsetail and edelweiss liberate the skin from dead cells and supply it with nourishing substances, ensuring long-lasting protection. (25 min.)
    Full-body exfoliation 25 min., €42.00


The pleasant warmth of the compress dilates skin pores, therefore favouring the absorption of the natural biological active ingredients.

After every compress we suggest a massage, chosen according to need.

Pack 25 min., €45,00
Pack with massage 50 min., €72,00 

Choose from the following packs:

    Ever since bygone times, people in South Tyrol enjoy lying in hay.
    Mountain meadows host at least 40 different types of herbs and flowers that make hay a veritable panacea, with properties that boost blood circulation, relax the tissues, improve joint and muscle problems and facilitate detoxication. The body is therefore strengthened in an absolutely natural manner
    This regenerating compress is recommended for any kind of contracted muscle group, to revitalise the body and reinforce the immune system. Wolf’s bane, hemp and horse chestnut extracts, synergically blended with Stone pine and rosemary essences, have a stimulating effect on blood circulation. This ensures a greater supply of oxygen to the cells,  that in turn favours the regeneration of muscles, revitalises the body and provides it with new energy.
    The Alps blend with exotic charm. The active plant ingredients contained in birch, achillea and fennel, combined with incense, ylang-ylang and palmarosa, turn this compress into a relaxing and harmonising experience. The skin is therefore nourished and hydrated by an entire cocktail of plant extracts
    This compress favours body detoxication and stimulates metabolism.
    Brown algae have a wide range of positive effects on health because they activate cell metabolism, support the activity of the thyroid gland and detoxify the connective tissue. Hazelnut, orange and grapefruit firm and smooth the tissues, boost blood circulation and provide the cells with oxygen and nourishing substances.

Massages for children

    This gentle and tender honey oil massage teaches children how to relax, improves their concentration and ensures that they remain alert for longer periods.
    Duration of treatment: 20 min., cost: €31.00
    The application of warm volcanic rock turns this massage into a memorable and relaxing experience for children.
    Duration of treatment: 20 min., cost: €31.00

Additional unaccompanied treatments

  • Solarium 1 token: €7.00
  • Massages
  • Wide range of beauty treatments
  • Workout room
  • Aqua aerobics
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